I inherited my Nook Shaped™ table from a family friend (more here). Since it was free-to-me I wasn’t too apprehensive about trying to spruce it up with a new paint job. My first color thoughts were “obviously, black or white.” Thinking about crisp and clean I first picked white. I even picked up a sample tub of paint. At that point it was just a matter of getting the final supplies and getting started. Then the daydreams started. If I was going to do this, why not take a risk and try something dark, but not black?! It would be bold, fun, and unexpected. Navy was my first thought and I was pretty sold on it until I realized that blue isn’t a risky color family for me. Practically everything is blue! Enter: Purple! It’s the new yellow*. As the title of this post suggests purple ended up winning. Specifically Purple Elderberry by Martha and matched to Glidden.

This project took place back in January while the weather was nice. I needed to do all the painting in the garage and didn’t feel up to dying of heat stroke! While I wasn’t worried about ruining the table persay, I still had a little bit of apprehension that this was going to end up being a ruinous nightmare. So I took a few deep breaths and then powered on with the sander!

I borrowed a power sander which was a huge help. I did a first pass with coarse and then followed up with a finer grit. While I think my sanding job ended up being perfectly acceptable I think next time I would start with a coarser coarse (lesson 1).

After a good wipe down to remove any remaining sanding dust I started learning lesson 2. Primer stage. Next time – TINTED primer. As I bought my bright white primer I did figure I’d be a lot happier if I asked for them to tint it… but I didn’t feel like waiting… Here’s a progress shot after the first coat of primer:

The poor primer choice will be more evident in this next picture after I did a coat of purple:

It ended up taking at least 3 coats to get solid coverage. I rolled both the primer and the paint on with a small foam roller. Lesson 3 involved putting more paint on the roller. I’ve always heard you want thin and even to make sure you’re not glopping paint on. Well apparently my thin and even is way too thin and even. I kept getting roller marks in the paint finish. Consulting the local hardware store they recommended putting more paint on the roller. Apparently my version of glopping is actually more akin to the real life version of thin and even.

Once I finally got the table perfectly purple I debated leaving it as it was. After struggling with the paint rolling I couldn’t imagine the glossy top coat would be any easier! If it weren’t a kitchen table I probably wouldn’t have poly coated it. Since I knew it was a piece that would get a lot of use I took a few more deep breaths and I started brushing on the poly…

Brush marks! I tried a brand new paint brush, a foam brush, and the foam roller. The paint brush was the best but did still leave brush marks. Sigh. However, they are long, even, and consistent so I’ve learned to be fine with them. This is probably lesson 4, but I don’t know how to go about fixing it. One day I may do more research on poly products and application methods. Especially since everything I set on the table sticks and leaves little marks. Oy. I even waited several weeks after the last poly coat before setting anything on it! Anyway, it works for now.

Before I do the final reveal I have a silly story (lesson 5) and want to talk chairs!

Silly Story: I was in a hurry to bring the table in from the garage after my last coat of poly. It had only been hours rather than days but it was dry to the touch so I decided to be careful and risk it anyway. I had to push the table back together to get it through the door. It made it back in to the nook without incident! Lesson 5 came the next day when I realized that I hadn’t pulled the table back apart to finish drying. Yeah… it ended up being glued together… I had to get my box cutters out to cut through the fused poly bits and then pry it apart! No major damage though. A spot or two I should eventually touch up, but since it’s been 5 months I’m clearly in no hurry.

Let’s talk chairs! I’ve been thinking about getting different pairs of chairs to replace the outdated rollers. I was thinking about a few from IKEA and West Elm. Then I ended up finding a sweet deal on a set of 4 from overstock. They are the Silver Tabouret Stacking Chairs:

They are still available here. I love when I get an extra good deal, I got them for 185 but they have since gone up twenty bucks. Score! I still figure that I’ll eventually get some other set of 2 to mix and match. With the leaf the table will seat 6. I still love all the chairs I’ve posed as options on here previously, but I’d like to include these from IKEA too:

Currently $79.99 each.

Okay you’ve waited long enough. Final reveal!

And close up!

Ooooh! Aaaah!

But wait! As if this post weren’t already long enough there’s more! A new light fixture and some art has since joined the party and now rounds out the nook to finished status.

The light is the Ottava pendant from IKEA ($30):

The art is just prints from IKEA. The Tvilling “poetry of blossoms” set:

Preeeetttyyy! One day I may swap them out for silly stuff I make (like something that says “Eat Cake For Breakfast”), but these are brilliant for now.

Speaking of “one day” the nook is really only finished until I decide to fix the table’s flaws or replace it. I fully plan to live with this table for several years to come. But should I ever take the replacement option I might do something beefy like this:

The Sumner pedestal table from Pottery Barn! It can be yours for the low, low price of $1,500… yowza…


*Purple really is my new yellow. It took me awhile to formally mention that I was all hopped up on doing gray & yellow in my master (here), but you’ll also note in that same post I said, “I may actually allow other colors into my scheme going forward now that gray & yellow is exploding on the internet and is everywhere I turn, gotta keep it ‘my own’!” Well, yellow is now dead to me. It’s everywhere and it irks me such that I basically hate it now. Sure I’m partially just annoyed that it’s not my own bandwagon anymore, but yellow really was a fad color for me. Purple and I have a history – my childhood bedroom was purple and I have a history of purple bedding and towels. Not sure why it took so long to get more purple going in my house, but there you have it.


I mentioned a long time ago (here) that I wanted to put stripes in my hall. I finally got to the project in January! Let’s start with a reminder of what was going on pre-stripe:


I started by measuring out my stripes and putting up some string as guides. It was probably more work than necessary, but seemed to be at least slightly more useful than going directly to taping. Here are the string-a-lings:

After taping:

I read a few suggestions to avoid paint bleed beneath the tape. I decided to try the Mod Podge method, except I used watered down white glue instead. It ended up flopping big time. By the time I glued, then painted, then removed tape the glue had dried and was peeling off with the tape! Worse lines than just bleed through! After the first big chunk came off I started cutting along the tape with a craft knife to hopefully cut through the glue and get better lines. It helped! It’s entirely possible that this was user error. I’m thinking my glue application was overzealous or otherwise flawed. Regardless, the big lesson was that next time I feel up to stripes I will follow this method instead:

  1. Start with Green Frog Tape (my allegiance changed, it really makes a huge difference over the blue!)
  2. Seal with the base/original paint color
  3. Top with new accent color
  4. Remove tape and marvel at the crispness

Before I go with the big reveal I want to mention that I changed up the art too. It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done. I freehand drew and painted it! Ready? Another quick mention that the stripes are the same color, just glossier, so they are very subtle, but you can see them in this pic if you look closely:

Okay well they’re really hard to see… maybe this shot from the other direction will help. Forgive the floor and the downward shot – it’s how the stripes hit the light best!

That’s better! I love my hall now. I especially love my white and purple dachshund silhouette triptych! I thought I had some pictures of the process of making him but I sure can’t find any. I started by making scrap paper templates of the canvases. Then I found some good side shots of dachshunds on google and started sketching out an outline. I cut out the outline so I had a solid dog. Arranged the cutouts on the canvas. Traced the cutouts with pencil and then filled in with paint! Easy peasy!


After countless ruminations, it is finally decided, purchased, assembled, and in place. At long last: The Buffet!!! You can relive my last reliving here which also contains links to prior relivings.

Let me take you through a few quick shots of what has been in this space before:

A desk while I was redoing my office. It lived here for awhile until I finally relocated it to the garage. Eventually it will be donated, just haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Speaking of donations… those have lived in my hallway too:

Finally, the stereo cabinet until he was relocated to the other side of the living room:

I’m pretty excited for the final buffet reveal. My last post had a basic rendering, but it just really doesn’t do the real thing any justice. Before I get going on the final pictures I’ll show you the space empty from 3 angles (because I can!).

First direction, standing in the living room, facing the front door:

You’ll notice the tape… there have actually been about 8 or so different layouts of tape on this wall for the past 6 or so months, these bits just happen to be the last (with 2 length options)

Second direction, standing in the doorway, facing the living room:

Final direction, standing in the kitchen facing the buffet wall and door to the garage:

Without further ado, the time has come to show those same three angles, but WITH the buffet! I can hardly contain my excitement!


Oh would you look at that? So perfect. I knew I wanted something that was long!


Ah! So amazing!

And a’three:

Okay fine this is a bit more of a kitchen shot, but I didn’t feel like going back yet again to take another to get a closer angle match. You get the idea! And you get to see my Terrier art again, lucky you!

Right now it is completely empty. I’ll probably put my records in it. I also know I want to put a lamp and an electronic device charging station (which thanks to ThinkGeek I’ll have an awesome one shortly) on top. Other than that I haven’t thought harder than “decor stuff/tchotchkes.” I also definitely want to put stuff on that wall too. Probably still some type of bar/towel rod with hanging things as well as some variety of art or something. It’ll be nice to start some serious thinking about the decor. It had been constantly changing for so long that I didn’t want to commit to anything specific, but now I can!

Also I have to say, even though I don’t necessarily need all this storage space I’m really glad I have it and that I didn’t go for something with less. I’m also pretty excited that I can add other doors and drawers in the future if I really wanna.

I’ll end today on 2 closer-up details.


You can see my reflection and everything! They have that amazingly awesome zebra wood look to them.

Second: You may have noticed by now that the feet are purple. I bought the silver ones, but didn’t like that they were two-toned (the rubber base was more of a gray, while the post part was silver). I debated spraying them and decided to go crazy and try the purple since that was the only color spray paint I had on hand (kind of a theme for me). I like them better than the silver, but not sure I’m sold 100%. Of course changing them will require actually making a color decision and then a purchase. So they’ll probably just stay purple awhile since I’m lazy. Oh, here’s the before and after leg picture:

Hooray! I can’t wait till I can come back with buffet decor updates! So excited!

Four and a half months ago (give or take a few weeks) I painted my kitchen. I opted for the same light blue color as my master bath (here), White Lagoon.

Most of my before shots are from right when I got my keys, so these before and afters are pretty fun. I don’t have a whole heck of a lot of decor going on in my kitchen, but I like it that way. You can click on the pics to enlarge.

Pair 1

Pair 2

The most notable thing about this random shot of the pantry is that I sprayed the nob purple. Not sure if you can tell from the before, but it was originally brass but worn and faded to sort of silver and sort of brass. I picked purple because that was the only color of spray paint I had on hand when the idea to spray it hit me.

Pair 3

Pair 4

I do have some decor in here. If you look back at pair 3 I have some things on that cutout ledge. I also do have some framed art which you can see here:

Up top are 3 square frames with some random pictures of fruit. And then my favorite lil guy* right at the archway. He’s friends with the Boston in my bathroom (here). Here is his closeup:

So cute! And like his friend in the front bath the colors are perfect.

I also labeled my garbage and recycling with little canvas and some thickers:

My original paint plan for the kitchen was to use the same natural linen as the rest of the house, but with some secret teal spots in the nook. I was really excited about the secret teal, I even had it painted:

It was on both sides, but you get the idea. It was sad painting over it, but ultimately I’m happy with my light blue. I purposely left out shots of the nook because I’m currently playing around with it. Specifically the table and the chairs. I’ll be back with that when I have some afters to share!


* “…when he made the Norwich Bull merrier

with his cute little ‘derrier’

yes God loves a terrier!”


Just daydreaming here. I’ve been having a bad case of the wantsies lately. So, for fun, I thought I’d share a few of things I’ve been crushing on over at West Elm.

This Stackable Chair would look awesome in my kitchen:

At $99 each they aren’t that terribly expensive compared to everything else I’ve seen. They had been on sale for a bit, to about $80 each, but I reminded myself that it wasn’t the last sale they’d ever have and I didn’t impulse buy them. I went to look them up a few days ago and there was an ugly note saying “no longer available.” I was stunned! I was getting ready to write an “Always Impulse Buy” post! Just today I looked again and now they’re there, just back ordered. Phew! But I’ve actually already gone and purchased a different set of chairs for the kitchen so these will have to wait again. The set I got is a 4-fer but I’d like to eventually have 6 chairs for the kitchen with the other 2 being a different set to the first 4 (maybe 2 of these!). So, maybe one day!

I briefly mentioned in my last living room post (here) that I was eye-ballin’ some pillow covers for my couch pillows. They were these Sculpted Origami Pillow Covers:

The gray one seems to be the only one left right now. It’s on sale for $25, but I don’t feel like spending the $50 to get 2. We’ll see how long it is before I’m writing that “always impulse buy” post about these!

I think I want this Cluster Glass Pendant for over my kitchen table:

I’m currently working on some kitchen nook updates so I might see about getting this! Or at least making an official lighting decision and then saving up a little more or waiting for a sale.

This last one makes me swoon. I would love to put this in the little area of my living room that I want to turn into a seating/reading area. Not that this would necessarily be hugely functional for reading… but it’s sooooo pretty! Right now I just have basic track lighting there.

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant

It’s actually on sale, but I’m not ready to spend $260 on an area who’s design has been changing in my head on a near daily basis. Sad. It’s soooo pretty!


That was so nice of me to give West Elm some free advertising! Can’t help a daydreamer. The pictures are all links to the product pages.


I’ve actually lost count of how many ideas I’ve gone through for my entry buffet. I think it started here, then here, and finally here. But not really finally there because there’s a whole other thought-of-and-now-abandoned possibility in there too! For posterity’s sake I’ll tell you about that before I go ahead and tell you the actual final plan.

I last left you with this image:

The next incarnation is actually along the same lines, but instead of the Odda shelves shown here (which I couldn’t actually find in store and never bothered to ask about) I would use the Expedit ones ($60 each). Specifcally 2 of these hung horizontally:

So something like this:

Yes, another horrifically not-to-scale rendering! For a better idea of what I was trying to accomplish see this inspiration picture that I found through Pinterest (unfortunately I don’t have the source link, so this is just a screen grab):

So pretty! I would just do the middle and the bottom one. But then I got to thinking about hanging the one on the wall. While it wouldn’t be that hard to get mounting brackets I just really didn’t feel like taking the final plunge and dealing with hanging it. I also wanted to put a lamp on the top one and wasn’t sure I felt like dealing with cord management. I thought about trying a different Expedit, like the 2 x 4 ($70) and put some feet on it. Got that idea from Pinterest too (also not sure about this source link):

I couldn’t quite commit to this either as I really wanted something longer.  I’ve actually had tape on that wall for at least 6 months visually spacing out the sizes of all my different choices. The pics are all on my cell phone so I’ll spare you from those! So finally, finally afer seeing a neat set up in the store I started browsing the IKEA Besta series. I went ahead and decided on this:

I can’t make the picture any bigger, but if you can read that miniscule type it’ll be 2.5 feet tall and almost 8 feet long! Huzzah! It will also be connected together fully so there won’t be that slight gap in the center. Also will probably have fewer feet. I made this with IKEA’s Besta system planner so it’s not quite exact, but close enough! The doors are the glossy brown ones that look like zebra wood. So stoked! And what is also great is that there are so many other accessories that I can mess with the door quantity/color/style/size and can add all sorts of drawers and other inserts should I ever want to! I figure I’ll start with this basic set up and live with it for awhile before playing with anything else. But the changeability is exciting!

I know what you’re thinking, “final? right…” but I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and just need to hit up the store to make my purchase! I did go to IKEA last weekend and they’re out of stock of a few of the Besta products. After some online investigating I think I’ve discovered that the colors I want should be there this weekend (might involve asking a sales representative). The buffet saga is almost closed! I still do plan to put that magnetic bar and some hanging containers on the wall above, but that’ll be for a future IKEA trip. The buffet itself is my main goal.


Hmm, I realize more and more each day that I apparently have a problem with commitment!

Where was I…

Here are a few projects that I’ve mentioned a few times but haven’t gotten around to posting!

Curly Frame

It started as this from IKEA:

The plan was to spray the frame, put some cute paper or fabric inside, then write on the glass like a dry erase board. Unfortunately, when I took the glass out to start spraying the frame I broke the glass. I happened to be wearing my Optimism Goggles so I decided to go ahead and spray the frame part anyway and make it a chalk board instead! Inspired!

I primed the frame. Then, I started to spray it. It was rather disastrous. Spray painting is hard. I was either too close and got drips or too far away and got fuzz. My optimism goggles were quickly fogging. Thanks to some sandpaper and more paint than it should I have taken I managed to get it presentable enough. Then came the inside. UGH. I used some glossy foam core thinking it would make a nice chalkboard surface, but for some reason I decided to get the spray chalkboard paint. Did I mention spray painting is hard? Spray painting is hard. Flat surfaces much moreso than curvy ones. By this point my Op.Gog.s were broken in the pile with the frame glass.

I managed to make it work enough to get it on the wall, write something on it, and ignore it for awhile. It *looks* okay but it’s not very functional. I can write on it, but if I want to erase it I have to actually use a wet rag (which also takes the paint off). If I can vow to write something and never change it, it will be awesome! But that’s hardly the point of it. Needless to say I made the message “On a Scale of 1-10, you are an 11” and kept it there for a long time anyway. I thought the project-rage had finally worn off so I decided to change the note for Christmas (to “fa la la la la la la la la”)… rage all over again! Now that Christmas is over there is a new message, “Fix me! Puh-lease?”

The plan is to get the brush on chalkboard paint instead and try that over the existing. I’m already expecting that to be miserable and am thinking of other materials to use for the base. Maybe something metal that I can also stick magnets to? The annoying part is going to be cutting that material into an oval. So my little $30 frame quickly turned into a much more expensive project that still isn’t exactly done. I will now only spray things that are free or nearly free until I can actually successfully do it. Sigh. Anyway, that was a lot of words just to show you this:

Decal Art

There was a big sale on canvas at the craft store so I picked up two 2-packs. So there I was with 4 blank canvas and no ideas what to do with them… Then, I found some cool feather decals! Went to put one on one of the canvases and the decal folded in on itself and wouldn’t unstick. Bummer. Tried the second (and final) and it did the same thing. They were just way too intricate and super sticky. Not to be brought down (those Optimism Goggles had been reparo’d and were crystal clear with possibility!) I found a different type of decal that looked to be much less unwieldy. Ha! Alas, this set didn’t even stick! Fell right off! Oh and did I mention that I spray painted the flat surfaces? That lesson ended up finally sinking in. After having them sit around sprayed yet otherwise blank for quite some time I finally decided to use some cool pattern stencils. Success! 3 are now hanging nicely in my hallway, see:

The middle one is actually a different pattern as well as color. Here’s a close up:

I’m glad I finally posted these because I’m already ready to change them! Well, full disclosure they’ve been up for a couple months. But still, ready to change them. I have an idea that I hope works out… It involves purple, gray, and hopefully free handing an awesome silhouette. Fingers crossed it works out!

The fourth canvas is just painted in a few random stripes and one pattern and is hanging in the living room. I’m not terribly fond of it at all, so we’ll see if my revamp of the hall set gets me inspired to change that one too. Here it is:


TP Art

People on Pinterest were doing amazing things with cut up toilet paper tubes. This is the specific one that sparked my interest:

Clicking on the picture will take you to this gal’s blog with her tutorial. I decided to make mine in a swoop and mounted it on canvas. I sprayed it glossy purple (after first trying to brush two colors… and yes spraying was hard but it worked fine in the end). It is now hanging over my love seat in the living room. Here you go:


Little Somethin’ Extra

I don’t think I specifically mentioned this one at all but it makes me happy. With some of the extra blue canvas paint, I striped up the M that was sitting on my dresser:


I’m off work for the next week with some projects planned! I’ll hopefully use the time to do some posting as well!

I redid my front bath!  No major construction, but it’s a mighty nice transformation.

I barely touched this room after moving in.  Other than having my plumber change out the tub/shower fixtures to ones that worked and weren’t powder-coated white, all I did was put in some spare towels and an old shower curtain.  Since it wasn’t my main bath and I didn’t have any solid opinions on what it should look like I didn’t bother rushing into updating this room.  Then I had my brainwave (you can relive that gem here).

Here is the original original so you have an idea of the space:

This orig. orig. of the light fixture slays me:

I did change the bulbs to vanity bulbs, but that empty socket couldn’t handle one.  They instantly blew out which resulted in me leaving it empty.  Lovely.  Needless to say I should have replaced that whole thing sooner.

Anywho, I started by taking down the builder grade mirror.  Half by myself!  I was extra generous with the tape, didn’t want that sucker shattering:

I unscrewed the clips, slowly pried it off the wall, and got it out of the channel at the base.  This is where I stopped.  Well, first I dropped the whole thing on my left middle finger… I was surprised that neither my finger nor the mirror broke!  But I had not anticipated how heavy or unwieldy the newly free mirror would be so I ceased and desisted until I had an extra set of hands around.  It’s a small room but it was shocking how small it felt without the mirror:

Original white, meet the unknown white from the bank!  So lovely… The fresh paint (Glidden Semi Gloss Natural Linen) was a great step.  The dual white walls were dragging me down!

When it came time to put the new light in my non-professional handyman (dad!) uncovered (literally) that the original builders had, eh hem, ‘creatively’ gone around a stud that was where the center of the fixture should go.  It worked enough for that fixture (visibly anyway), but my new fixture would be wildly off center.  While I was thrashing around dramatically about having to change my plans to wrong-styled lighting options (‘I guess it’ll just have to be ugly in there!”) dad stepped in as the voice of reason and contacted our favorite professional handyman who, of course, had an easy solution.  I quieted down and he came out, fixed it, and put up both the new light and the new mirror.  I’m saving these pictures for the reveal.  The only shots I have are from the completed room and therefore contain spoilers.

Then was the extra fun part – putting up all my new goodies!  New shower curtain (white but not waffled), new towels (neither blue nor green), and some cute new art.

On the one wall are 2 little canvas that I got for something like 25 cents each from the clearance bin at Michael’s.  They were kind of obnoxious tea cup prints, bright red and pink (of course I forgot to take original pictures, oy!).  To fix them I hit them with primer first, then sprayed them white, brushed on some yellow stripes, and finally spelled out some bath related words with American Crafts Thickers:

On the other wall is a print that I found at the Hobby Lobby.  The prints were on sale and I wanted to buy this entire series, you’ll see why when you see the picture.  I restrained myself and only got 2.  One for the bath and one for the kitchen.  There were about 6 or 7 and it was really hard to hold back!  Are you ready for this?

Gah!  Boston Terrier!  It’s too cute!  It combines two of my favorite things: dogs and vintage style posters.  And obviously this one is perfect for the bath (it says “for special noses!” Ack!).  The colors are perfect too.

Shower curtains and towels are next.  I’m just going to jump right to the picture:

Gah, again!  I just love it so much!  Even now almost 2 months later it makes me just as excited and happy as day one.  Like I mentioned above I changed my mind on my original waffle curtain and blue or green towels.  I changed my mind on the shower curtain the moment I saw the white one with tree at triple B.  I love it, love it, loveit.  I also got some new curtain hooks, the old ones continually fell off the rod at the slightest shift of the curtain and drove me insane.  As for the towels, I had been trying to incorporate more orange into the rest of the house since it had previously only been in the office.  I also considered yellow, but once I saw this particular shade of orange I knew it was The Color that was Missing from My Life Bath.

Now that you’ve made it this far, I’ll go ahead and show the rest of the space with the standard disclaimer that this is a hard room to get pictures of with my basic camera, limited lighting*, and limited skillz:

This was the best shot I could get of the new light itself:

It is actually an outdoor light.  I had heard on some HGTV show a long time ago how well outdoor lighting can work in a bathroom since they’re no strangers to wet conditions.  It always stayed filed away in my brain.  It wasn’t until I was angry again about how little I liked the bath specific lighting fixtures that I finally remembered to check the outdoor section!  And this one was only 30 bucks!  Here’s a screen grab from Home Depot that shows the color of the fixture better:

You know how much I like the side-by-sides so here is a threefer:

The only thing left to do in here now is to change out the sink faucet.  It’s still powder coated white. Ugh.  But I’ve honestly managed to deal with this fairly well.  The faucets in my main bath are still this white too.  I haven’t found anything I love enough to drop the dough for 3 faucets on yet.  I’m still at the place where I would like all 3 bath faucets to match.  This could always change though, originally I wanted all my bath lighting to match too.  I also kind of hate the tissue box… Ha!  Of all things!  I did buy a box cover from the triple B but it turned out to be too big for that ledge so I had to return it.  Haven’t found anything smaller so if it continues to bother me that much I’ll probably have to make something myself.

That’s just about a wrap!  Just one more thing…

I’ve been saving this picture for the very last.  This final little surprise makes me feel immensely clever.  Check out the door on this shot:

Oh yes, that does indeed say WC!  Ah, I charm myself!


*I didn’t specifically mean that my new light isn’t bright enough.  It is a bit like mood lighting in there though, which is awesome for the extent that I use it.  If this bath were to ever be used more often my professional handyman said it would be easy enough to to install a recessed light over the shower and tie it into the same switch as the fan.

Wow, we haven’t spent much time in my living room at all.  The last time we were there was September of last year when I put up my shelves (here).  Prior to that it was June of last year when I got my furniture (here).

This is what it looks like today:

The differences now are mainly the console stereo under the shelves, the curtians, and some changed around knicky knackies.

I first showed you the stereo here.  What I mostly want to talk about are the curtains!

Pre-curtain-in-the-living-room days I didn’t have anything terribly specific in mind.  I knew I wanted some, knew I wanted decent light blockers (to reduce glare on the TV), and knew I likely wanted grommet top (because that’s my bag).  One random Target trip I decided to swing through the curtain section, for funsies, I wasn’t ready to buy anything that day.  Mostly because of the anticipated price of the project.  All of the thicker/light blocking stuff was typically 30 bucks + per panel (and I would need 4 panels).  I hadn’t found any that I loved enough to drop $120 on yet.  But then!  I saw The Deal of The Century.  Grommet top.  Blue (default favorite). Thermal. On some sort of magical, amazing clearance.  The original price was $30.49 per panel (which is still what they’re going for on the website today).  I got them for

**drum roll**

Six dollars and 85 cents per panel.

YOWZA!  That means I got 4 panels for $27.40.  That’s less than the original price of one panel!  Again, YOWZA!!!!!!  Now that‘s my kind of pricing!  And I love them.  They’re beyond perfect.  When they’re closed they also make a noticeable difference in keeping the room cooler during the hot summer days.

Here they are flanking my shelves:

And here is a magical closeup:

It actually took 3 Targets and 4 trips to buy these 4 panels… The first Target was out but had a rain check.  The second Target only had 2 and said I would have to surrender my rain check if I bought them.  Called another Target who said they had 4.  Got there and they only had 2 but they laughed when I asked if I had to surrender my rain check, they said that was nonsense.  Purchased those 2 and went back to get the final 2 from the second Target.  Then spent the rest of the day cackling with glee.

As for the changed knicky knackies:

I keep playing around with the arrangement of my shelves.  This current arrangement is my favorite so far, but I keep eyeballing it anyway.

I’m working on a pillow scheme for the couch.  I like pillows, but not too many.  I probably won’t change the current quantity, but I do intend to change patterns and colors.  Right now I have my eye on some West Elm covers for the currently couch-color-and-red-on-the-other-side pillows.

I finally got the bowl I’ve been eyeballing forever at IKEA.  Newly $10 cheaper price tag so I snatched that up.  It’s hard to see in the above picture since I have it on the shelf under the coffee table.  It doesn’t show up very well in person either so I’ve been contemplating where I should move it.

My other favorite bits are the animal friends scattered throughout.  I have an elephant, my pug bookends, a reading cat, and a springy pup who actually just got a new outfit half an hour ago (paint, I’m not that crazy).

That empty wall above the love seat is where I’m planning to hang the TP art project I’ve been talking about.

But I can’t leave you without the before and after journey.  Here you go:


But I have to go in for final overkill here with the original original and the today shot.  I was just blown away by that original original shot!

Mem-reeeeees!  Okay, I’m done.

It’s no secret by now that I’m quite a poor updater.  I also keep forgetting what I have and haven’t talked about (and then I realize I haven’t talked about anything…).  So here I am to catalog what I have yet to show you.   So nice of me!  I do plan to get another post or two done today, but in the meantime here’s what you’ve been missing out on:

– I got a sweet deal on curtains for my living room (eons ago)

– I finished updating my front bathroom (half an eon ago)

– I finished my ‘curly frame’ project to somewhat disappointing results, but it’s done (just weeks on this one)

– I painted my kitchen! (weeks here too)  Hung some frames in here too.

– I had problems with my ‘decal art’ and revamped it as something else which is now hung & complete (weeks again – but not as many! – on this one)

– As of this second I’m 95% finished with my ‘TP art.’  The spray paint is drying as I type.  Later today I’ll get to attach it to the canvas, hang, and then viola!

Now I’m off to take a bunch of pictures and get going on some real posts!  Hold on to your hats!  I have nothing else on the agenda today!  Go, Meg, go!


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