I spent last Saturday painting my bathroom.  I haven’t posted pictures yet because I’m a lazy slacker.  Oh, and it’s a hard room to take pictures of.  The lighting has been giving me trubs!

It took me an insane amount of time to pick a color.  “Whoa that’s too dark.  Oh but that one is probably too light.  I think I like this one.  Well wait, is it too…uh… something? Okay no, definitely the first one.  Except maybe the second one really is it.”  After a good hard smack in the face I went with White Lagoon.  I originally considered Quiet Rain (member?) but it turned out to be too dark.  Though a lovely shade of blue, not very green at all.  Light is crazy.  White Lagoon is the same color family but a shade lighter.

I also put up a towel bar, towel ring, and some new switch plates.  I’d say this room is just about “done!”  (Nothing can ever be fully done, now can it?)

Here are a few of the best pics.

That second one reminds me,  I have a fun before and after shot for you!  The before is from the weekend I got my keys:

Once I change out my sink faucets all that white crepe will be gone!

Then I have big plans for this wall.

I already bought the decor but have had enough assembly/install for one weekend as I can handle (that post will come later) so it’s not up yet.  But once it is I’ll post it.  Well, it might be a few weeks later, but y’know.


I love paint testers.  Whoever came up with that idea needs a hug.