Furniture delivery day!  Which is also a much needed vacation day.  Holla!  Started my morning blissfully by using my new coffee grinder and new (well, 6 months new…) espresso machine.  Mmm.  Feet up.  Readin’ the BH&G.  Sippin’ my bevvy.

What a lovely scene!  If only I had a cute/colorful tray…

Anyway.  My delivery window was 8-12, and was pleasantly surprised at the prompt 9 am arrival.

Before shots (click to enlarge):

This would also be a good time to note that I have a new big TV now too.  The Bro and Sil did some electronics updating and were ever so kind as to gift me their hand-me-downs!  TV viewing is much more manageable now.  Before anytime I wanted to watch my network channels there would be incessant buzzing.  Not anymore!

After shots!:

So there’s my living room!  It looks like a real living room!  Well, almost (nothing can ever be done).  Now I need to figure out how to work the decor.  Need to move some accessories around.  Then of course wall art and wall color.  Maybe something with the bookshelf.  Lots of options!  I also have some free Glidden testers coming my way, hope those arrive soon.

I shall now spend the remainder of the day laying on my couch.