This past year my biggest problem has been the fact that I’m not independently wealthy.  Therefore, my next biggest problem has been patience.  It is so hard taking it slow when all I want to do is decorate the crap out of my house!  I didn’t really sit down and choose which room to focus on most, but it naturally turned out to be my office.  It is the most complete room in my house!  I won’t say it’s done (nothing is ever done!), but definitely about 91.5% there!

Let us start our journey with this 4 picture sequence.  These four are most consistently from the same angle for that lovely before & after that I dig so much.

The beginning.  Note the old carpeting (white vs. glisten), vertical blinds, and white walls:

That room feels like a world away!  Memories.  After carpet and blinds, the first thing I did was move my desk and office crap in.  At the time, I debated whether I should take this next picture at all.  But there really wasn’t a way for the room to be clean.  So therefore, I took a deep breath and snapped.  Now, I’m taking another deep breath before I post it.

Here goes…

Oh the humanity!  But unfortunately that was what I had to work with.  My old, busted, too small desk.  No useful storage.  But take note of the lovely new carpet and horizontal blinds!

Next projects were painting and new desk buying.  Picking my colors wasn’t too tough surprisingly.  I decided on an accent wall and the other walls would be the same Natural Linen from the living room.  For the accent I was pretty sure I wanted teal, but also bought a purple tester to try.  Teal won.  For my desk, I originally decided on IKEA.  I wanted to somehow make a giant configuration of sorts out of the Galant Series corner desks.  There still wouldn’t have been storage though, and my room was slightly too small for the configurations I liked best.  I was a bit dismayed until I happened to be at Costo and came across the perfect option.  It was the best deal I’d seen anywhere.  Ultimately about the same or mildly cheaper than what I would have spent at IKEA after 2 desks & separate storage.  It was also significantly cheaper than the $630 listed in the link – got it at the right time apparently!  Plus it’s giant and full of storage.  Take a look:

Of course you can’t see the storage space in this picture, but the Costco link above shows it all quite nicely.  You can also see my 3D flower installation!  These were a set of 25 from the BBB.  This is not all 25.  I ended up putting 3 in my bathroom and have a handful more for somewhere else in the house (haven’t decided yet).

The flowers were my only form of art while I spent some time moving into my desk and getting used to the abundance of surface area.  In my previous life I had some IKEA Bygel bars and a shelf for all my craft crap stuff (see a picture here).  I originally had no intentions of introducing any bars to my office, but working here for awhile I could no longer ignore how convenient one would be!  Add some frames with homemade ‘art’ and an ampersand and we were set.  In all its glory:

Woo!  For some overkill, here is the one to four comparison:

Now for some finer detail.

The ‘art’ in the frames is homemade.  Not glue and scissors – Photoshopped and printed.  While I did make these prints myself I got the idea for the content from the internet.  Ready to be jealous?  The closeups:

Keep Calm and Conjur a Patronus Charm

To do:  Stuff, Be awesome

Aw yeah!

I also managed to fit my pilfered (from the parents) IKEA armchair in here!  Now I have somewhere comfy to sit/lay and watch some streaming Doctor Who Netflix.  I’ve essentially lived in this room since I moved it in here.  It was also really useful when I was home sick last week.  The lighting in this picture is terrible but it’s too nice out to close the window to take a new picture.  You’ll get the idea:

One day I’d like to get a new case for that lil pillow.

While we’re talking about “one day” the list of final things I’d like to do in here are as follows (in order of ‘will probably get to in a few weeks’ to ‘eh, months’ to  ‘more like years, man’): cork tiles for the wall to the right of the desk hutch, ceiling fan w/ light kit,  remove standing lamp, revise closet organization strategy, change out the chair to a different seating option (could range from a chaise to other armchair/smaller ottoman to a tiny tiny couch).  Then of course there’s always the option of curtains.  I don’t think the window necessarily needs them, but I could always switch out the closet door for curtains.  Not the top of my thoughts right now though, but always a possibility.

Now, finally, I’ll go ahead and address the title of this post!  The reason for choosing orange for my wall arts.  Check this sweet view from the IKEA chair:

Top shelf – Giant Orange Buddha Head!  Thank you, HomeGoods!

This picture also reminds me of 2 additional future updates.  1. Perk up those black binder sides a bit so they’re less u-g-l-y.  2. New sleek, black computer speakers.


That was quite long.  If you’re still here and actually read the whole thing – You’re my favorite!  xoxox