My entry way is pretty barren.  Pretty big as well.  Big enough that I can put some sort of piece of furniture in it!  I’m all in a tizzy about finding a buffet.  It all started with this one:

IKEA Stornas, Black Brown option, $449

I love it.  I love the tiny drawers top center (“you can almost smell the opium!”).  I hadn’t even considered getting a buffet until I saw this one and decided my entry way needed one.  However, the price is rather dismaying.  Sure it’s infinitely cheaper than somewhere like Pottery Barn, but I’m very cheap.

I was close to making the decision to buy it (because, c’mon!) when I decided that maybe I just needed a buffet and not necessarily this buffet.  So I thought I should suck up some gumption and try to thrift something.  If I ended up being unsuccessful I’d be free and clear to spend the money on my Stornas.



Thrift: To find a second hand apparent piece of outdated junk for an insanely low dollar amount with the intent to make easy, do-it-yourself changes to turn the diamond-in-the rough piece into a magical, one-of-a-kind marvel  for your home.  Oh, and then brag about it on the internet.

I’ve made a few trips to second hand stores but have only found zilch, actual junk, or things I could get for the same price and better condition elsewhere.  I partly wonder if maybe I don’t have “the eye” to look past the junk to the marvel within.  But mostly I assume it’s just my impatience.  I am unwilling to put forth the shopping effort to make continual trips to the stores to check on the constant flux of merchandise.

End tangent


I did nearly have luck at thrifting a buffet!  More about that wondrousness here.  But in the end I have turned back to my stalwart IKEA.  I also happened to find this:

IKEA Trollsta, $349

A hundred dollars cheaper and the curvaceous bottom totally works for me (and how!).  I went to my local IKEA to view it in person and discovered it was adorned with the beautiful last chance ticket!  Generally last chance items are on sale… unfortunately, this one wasn’t.  After talking with my local IKEA representative I discovered that it is basically at zero risk of selling out quickly and is a good candidate to play the sale price waiting game.  So, that is what I am doing.  Especially because I have since learned that the non-hardware doors and drawers can become a pain.  They are push-to-open and I heard from a Trollsta product owner that if you don’t push them in precisely the correct spot each time the doors & drawers can become wonky.  While I know that probably really wouldn’t be a huge issue for me, I also really wouldn’t mind something more idiot proof.  And as I was walking the lower level of my local IKEA I happened to come across this:

IKEA Besta Burs $249

ANOTHER hundred dollars cheaper!  And even though you can’t tell in that picture, it is so shiny!  Can my house handle something this modern?  Uh, it’s going to now!  This one only has 2 desk-ish drawers so it doesn’t have as much storage as the other two.  However, it’s big enough, shiny enough, and is totally going to be my gateway to adding other modern touches throughout my house.  I actually really don’t need storage space, all I really need is some surface space to put some pictures/tchotchkes.  Anyway, down the road should I need storage space I can always put some sort of storage container(s)/cube(s)/basket(s) underneath.  Plus, and here’s the kicker, it comes in GRAY!  Glossy Gray!  Check it:

Oooooooo.  So down.  Now I just need to buy it.

I’m envisioning something like this (“please forgive the crudity of this model, it is not to scale”):

With flowers and other such things in the hanging pots.  So in love.  That center bar is a magnetic knife strip on which I plan to magnet pictures and little notes/drawings or other such items.


Products needed to make visual a reality:

– Hemnes mirror (79.99)

– 2 Asker suspension rails (7.99 ea)

– 1 set of Asker hooks (3.99)

– 4 Asker containers (5.99 ea)

– 1 Asker magnetic knife strip (14.99)

– Besta Burs desk (249)

All for a grand total of: 61.09 LESS than the Stornas buffet by itself.  Holla.  Not sure how quickly I’ll be able to acquire everything, but you know there will be pictures 4 months later eventually!