I’m not much of a thirfter (definition of thrifting can be found here at the tangent).  I don’t have much luck with it.  I also don’t try very hard either–I’m impatient.  I happened to be hanging with the SIL in Downtown Mesa when we came across a giant antique store.  We decided to continue our delightful downtown day by taking a browse.  We walked in.

“What is that delightful sound?”

*head zips directly to source of said sound*

“Oh my, I need that!”

It was this:

Sixties era console stereo!!!  Ahhhh!!!!

**Let me take this moment to clarify that I don’t consider this piece to BE an antique.  I just happened to find it at an antique store.**

Instant love at first sight.  Checked the price–holy crapoly it was cheaper than most every piece of furniture I’ve seen in the same size.  Mine!

Fully working, great sound, record player on the left, radio on the right, beautiful wood cabinet–forget ‘outdated apparent p.o.j.’ there are no changes needed for this to be my marvel!

My next thought was: “this would be an amazing buffet.”  I checked myself by thinking of where else I would put it in case it didn’t fit in my entry.  I immediately came up with 2 additional and equally fantab locations.  Sold!

Though, in the interest of full disclosure, we actually kept browsing and left the store before I decided to buy it.  Left the store!!  I know!  I was going to think on it then come back the next day if I decided I really wanted it.  We ducked into a cute little cafe for some lattes and I finally realized I must be feverish.  Despite the love at first sight and instant knowledge that I couldn’t live without it, I should have known when I shot daggers at the other antique store patrons who even so much as glanced at my stereo.  What if someone else bought it?!  We went back right away and made the purchase.  At the encouragement of my SIL I even haggled for it!  Not super ballsy haggling, but haggling none-the-less, and was successful!

SIL and I worked our beefy muscles and got the thing love to my house all by ourselves.  Turns out it didn’t really work so hot as a buffet.  It wasn’t quite long enough and stuck out a bit too far.  Not bad, but not perfect either.

Next location attempt: under the shelves further in the living room.  Verdict: perfection!  Well, there is the small problem that when I’m sitting on the couch it is behind me and I can’t stare/get lost in its beauty.  My other location idea was under the cutout on the wall to the kitchen.  I might move it there eventually, but this works for now.  I’ll have to get a better full wall shot sometime, but for now I’ll leave you with this instagram jewel:

Cue the floaty, poppy, heart bubbles sound effects!


I haven’t been able to bring myself to change the radio station off of smooth jazz yet…  It wants to be smooth jazz!