My master bedroom has been going through some wonderful changes.  Both recently and a long time ago…  Heh.  Needless to say, at this point I’ve got so many things to update you on that I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit them all in one post!  Lets dedicate this post to the little changes.

First, a trip to Homegoods led to the discovery of the most perfect sparkly thing to put over my bed and two perfect gray pillows for my bed.

The pillow coloring isn’t quite true-to-life here, they’re actually a lovely satiny gray.  You’ll see them again a little further down.  Here’s a close up of the stunning sparkler:

Second, a trip to IKEA and Kohl’s resulted in some new decor items.  I relocated the lil 79 cent vases from my dresser (first sort of seen here in the final shot) to my office (next to my GOBH).  I replaced them with:

My first yellow!  (Though, now that I’m thinking on it I don’t believe I ever formally mentioned that I’ve been planning to pair yellow with my gray…)

I also have decided to jump on the letter bandwagon and got a great M.

I dig it as is, but one day it may end up on the wall like my &.

Third, while we’re talking about yellow accents, my mom found the most perfect pillow for my bed!  I had a very specific idea of a small, textured, non-girly pillow to go with my 2 shiny gray ones.  I desperately wanted it to be yellow.  Turns out that even though gray & yellow is exploding on the internet yellow accents are near impossible to find in stores right now.  That is until mom went shopping at World Market.  She found this perfect specimen:

Fourth, while we’re on the topic of pillows, new blue pillow cases!  I have blue sheets right now that I really love.  I’ve had them for quite some time.  Somehow the matching pillow cases got mildly bleached.  Pretty sad.  But not as sad as my green pillow cases that were even more bleached… eesh… I’ve also been planning to retire my green sheet set in my transition to gray & yellow.  I wasn’t in the market for a full new sheet set, so I decided just to update my pillowcases for the time being.  Naturally, my first choices were gray and/or yellow.  But, I was open to keeping some blue in the mix because of my existing sheets.  (I may actually allow other colors into my scheme going forward now that gray & yellow is exploding on the internet and is everywhere I turn, gotta keep it ‘my own’!).  I found some perfect cases at the JCP.  I got two different patterns and love them together!  One is paisley and the other are striped and they match my current sheets so well it’s almost as though they were made for each other.  No action shots of these as I can’t seem to get decent enough lighting.  But here are some grabs from the JCP site.

I’m normally not huge on paisley, but these are so subtle and beautiful that I couldn’t help but love them.  I’m even considering going back for the sheets! And actually looking at them all now I’d be more than happy with a full set of each color…

It’s funny, I bought these thinking I’d like the stripes more and yet my favor is mildly more toward the paisley!  It’s amazing how that happens sometimes.

ANYWAY… that was entirely too much time spent on pillowcases and sheets…

Fifth, a trip to my parent’s house resulted in my stealing requesting to take custody of a stoneware critter that has lived in both their and my aunt’s house.

Moo!  He fits perfectly on my bedside table.  Love heeem!

Sixth, my other bedside table got a homemade framed art print:

It says “The inner sanctum of the ENTIRE operation?!” and if you know what movie that’s from you get ten points.  The font is gray along with some gray accents to go with the yellow and blue.  I bought the frame thinking I might spray it another color, but now I like the idea of gold being some of my yellow!  Lovely.  I made this one at the same time as my office arts.

Seventh, and finally, new bedside lamps!

I love lamp.  Such a lovely twist to it.  I did get two and they flank the bed in a most lovely fashion.  I picked these with the original intent to spray them glossy yellow, but once I put them in my room I really loved them black!  So I’ll leave them for now and should the urge come around I’ll spray them later.

As you likely guessed, for a few of these pictures I moved the items a bit.  I missed getting in-progress pictures of them and if I take shots of them in their final resting places I’ll spoil the surprise of my next Master: Update post!  We can’t have that!