A whole lot of painting went on today!  I had just enough paint for it too!  I used up the last of my master bath paint and FINALLY (after over a year) fixed all the light spots!  Woo!  Well, hopefully all the light spots.   I’m sure I’ll inevitably find another somewhere.  If I do I’ll just save it/them until I replace the lights in there.  I’m sure I’ll need touch up paint for that project, so I’ll buy a little more paint when that time comes.

I also finished phase 1 of the hallway!  Hooray!  It is fully painted.  I call it phase 1 because I’ve decided I need stripes in the hall.  Just on the one side and they’re going to be super subtle and shiny.  This shiny stripe idea has been a gateway to suddenly being ready to do something to my front bath…

It all started harmlessly as “whatever color I pick for the stripes I should just get a gallon and paint the front bath.”  So I vacillated through some color swatches and finally decided to just do the same natural linen that is everywhere else.  But since it’s the bath I would opt for semi gloss over eggshell which would result in the awesome subtle shiny stripe idea.  Then it turned into “well if I’m going to paint the bath I may as well hurry up and replace that light in there since I should have done that when I first moved it (it has bulb blowing problems).  Hmm, and while I’m at it I should just take that mirror down too so I won’t have to re-paint that area in the future. ”  And now suddenly I know what light fixture I want in there.  I know I want shelves and a smaller framed mirror.  I also want a white shower curtain (probably waffle texture) and light blue (or maybe light green depending on the store options) towels.  PHEW!  The only thing I’m not in a rush to take care of is the faucet.

So while I’m ready to do it all RIGHT NOW, I’m not sure how quick I’ll really get through it.  I have a feeling that taping out the stripes is going to take much longer than I want.  So maybe I’ll start in the bath first.  At least take that mirror down.  Hmm.

Pics whenever I’m done!