I already know the answer is, “Yes.  Yes.  A thousand times, yes.”  But for this post I specifically want to know if I’m crazy for liking this:

This is the Odda wall cabinet with sliding door from IKEA.  The picture is a link to the IKEA page.  It is 80 bucks.  It is white and red with plexi-type looking sliding doors.  It is also 77.5 inches wide/long.  I’m wondering… what if I did 1 or 2 of these on my entry wall instead of my previously decided buffet (relive that quest here)?

“Whaaa?” you ask, in the tone you reserve for unhinged people. “It’s red, white, and plexi??  What about your beloved glossy gray??”

I.  Know.

First, I don’t actually have an issue with the white.  Second, I really would need to see this in person before I made any life changing decisions such as giving up my mother-lovin’ glossy gray, but I anticipate that I could cover the red with any such color or pattern of my choosing thanks to the wonders of either paint or scrapbook paper.  Third, I would need to see the plexi business in person as well.

“Meg?” again with that tone. “Where is this coming from??”

IKEA raised the price of my desk!  RAISED!  They raised it!  My beautiful glossy gray Besta Burs desk is now twenty whole smackaroos more than it was a few months ago. $250 up to $270.  The audacity!  The horror!  I’m really not so poor that an extra $20 is going to break the bank, but I can’t help but feel betrayed.  The betrayal has gotten me eyeballing other potential options.  The Odda is hitting the plus category right now by being 7 inches longer/wider than the BB and also being quite a bit cheaper (even if I got 2).  Let me do a John Dorian here and paint you a picture with my imagination brush.  Maybe instead of this:

I throw together something like this:

Obviously my Photoshop skillz are shameful, but I see potential.  On the monetary end of things, the first set up is a pre-tax $407.91.  The second is only $298.89!  Talk about savings!  That’s a whole 109.02 I can throw at new kitchen chairs and whatnot!  But of course that price difference could very easily translate to obvious quality differences.  So really, what this all means is that I need a reconnaissance trip to IKEA to find the Odda so I can examine it in person and make some decisions.

I’ve also been considering ditching the mirror for art.  But that’s beside the point here and still several decisions away.


I would so call this my Ood instead of Odda.  I love an Ood!