Wow, we haven’t spent much time in my living room at all.  The last time we were there was September of last year when I put up my shelves (here).  Prior to that it was June of last year when I got my furniture (here).

This is what it looks like today:

The differences now are mainly the console stereo under the shelves, the curtians, and some changed around knicky knackies.

I first showed you the stereo here.  What I mostly want to talk about are the curtains!

Pre-curtain-in-the-living-room days I didn’t have anything terribly specific in mind.  I knew I wanted some, knew I wanted decent light blockers (to reduce glare on the TV), and knew I likely wanted grommet top (because that’s my bag).  One random Target trip I decided to swing through the curtain section, for funsies, I wasn’t ready to buy anything that day.  Mostly because of the anticipated price of the project.  All of the thicker/light blocking stuff was typically 30 bucks + per panel (and I would need 4 panels).  I hadn’t found any that I loved enough to drop $120 on yet.  But then!  I saw The Deal of The Century.  Grommet top.  Blue (default favorite). Thermal. On some sort of magical, amazing clearance.  The original price was $30.49 per panel (which is still what they’re going for on the website today).  I got them for

**drum roll**

Six dollars and 85 cents per panel.

YOWZA!  That means I got 4 panels for $27.40.  That’s less than the original price of one panel!  Again, YOWZA!!!!!!  Now that‘s my kind of pricing!  And I love them.  They’re beyond perfect.  When they’re closed they also make a noticeable difference in keeping the room cooler during the hot summer days.

Here they are flanking my shelves:

And here is a magical closeup:

It actually took 3 Targets and 4 trips to buy these 4 panels… The first Target was out but had a rain check.  The second Target only had 2 and said I would have to surrender my rain check if I bought them.  Called another Target who said they had 4.  Got there and they only had 2 but they laughed when I asked if I had to surrender my rain check, they said that was nonsense.  Purchased those 2 and went back to get the final 2 from the second Target.  Then spent the rest of the day cackling with glee.

As for the changed knicky knackies:

I keep playing around with the arrangement of my shelves.  This current arrangement is my favorite so far, but I keep eyeballing it anyway.

I’m working on a pillow scheme for the couch.  I like pillows, but not too many.  I probably won’t change the current quantity, but I do intend to change patterns and colors.  Right now I have my eye on some West Elm covers for the currently couch-color-and-red-on-the-other-side pillows.

I finally got the bowl I’ve been eyeballing forever at IKEA.  Newly $10 cheaper price tag so I snatched that up.  It’s hard to see in the above picture since I have it on the shelf under the coffee table.  It doesn’t show up very well in person either so I’ve been contemplating where I should move it.

My other favorite bits are the animal friends scattered throughout.  I have an elephant, my pug bookends, a reading cat, and a springy pup who actually just got a new outfit half an hour ago (paint, I’m not that crazy).

That empty wall above the love seat is where I’m planning to hang the TP art project I’ve been talking about.

But I can’t leave you without the before and after journey.  Here you go:


But I have to go in for final overkill here with the original original and the today shot.  I was just blown away by that original original shot!

Mem-reeeeees!  Okay, I’m done.