It’s no secret by now that I’m quite a poor updater.  I also keep forgetting what I have and haven’t talked about (and then I realize I haven’t talked about anything…).  So here I am to catalog what I have yet to show you.   So nice of me!  I do plan to get another post or two done today, but in the meantime here’s what you’ve been missing out on:

– I got a sweet deal on curtains for my living room (eons ago)

– I finished updating my front bathroom (half an eon ago)

– I finished my ‘curly frame’ project to somewhat disappointing results, but it’s done (just weeks on this one)

– I painted my kitchen! (weeks here too)  Hung some frames in here too.

– I had problems with my ‘decal art’ and revamped it as something else which is now hung & complete (weeks again – but not as many! – on this one)

– As of this second I’m 95% finished with my ‘TP art.’  The spray paint is drying as I type.  Later today I’ll get to attach it to the canvas, hang, and then viola!

Now I’m off to take a bunch of pictures and get going on some real posts!  Hold on to your hats!  I have nothing else on the agenda today!  Go, Meg, go!