I redid my front bath!  No major construction, but it’s a mighty nice transformation.

I barely touched this room after moving in.  Other than having my plumber change out the tub/shower fixtures to ones that worked and weren’t powder-coated white, all I did was put in some spare towels and an old shower curtain.  Since it wasn’t my main bath and I didn’t have any solid opinions on what it should look like I didn’t bother rushing into updating this room.  Then I had my brainwave (you can relive that gem here).

Here is the original original so you have an idea of the space:

This orig. orig. of the light fixture slays me:

I did change the bulbs to vanity bulbs, but that empty socket couldn’t handle one.  They instantly blew out which resulted in me leaving it empty.  Lovely.  Needless to say I should have replaced that whole thing sooner.

Anywho, I started by taking down the builder grade mirror.  Half by myself!  I was extra generous with the tape, didn’t want that sucker shattering:

I unscrewed the clips, slowly pried it off the wall, and got it out of the channel at the base.  This is where I stopped.  Well, first I dropped the whole thing on my left middle finger… I was surprised that neither my finger nor the mirror broke!  But I had not anticipated how heavy or unwieldy the newly free mirror would be so I ceased and desisted until I had an extra set of hands around.  It’s a small room but it was shocking how small it felt without the mirror:

Original white, meet the unknown white from the bank!  So lovely… The fresh paint (Glidden Semi Gloss Natural Linen) was a great step.  The dual white walls were dragging me down!

When it came time to put the new light in my non-professional handyman (dad!) uncovered (literally) that the original builders had, eh hem, ‘creatively’ gone around a stud that was where the center of the fixture should go.  It worked enough for that fixture (visibly anyway), but my new fixture would be wildly off center.  While I was thrashing around dramatically about having to change my plans to wrong-styled lighting options (‘I guess it’ll just have to be ugly in there!”) dad stepped in as the voice of reason and contacted our favorite professional handyman who, of course, had an easy solution.  I quieted down and he came out, fixed it, and put up both the new light and the new mirror.  I’m saving these pictures for the reveal.  The only shots I have are from the completed room and therefore contain spoilers.

Then was the extra fun part – putting up all my new goodies!  New shower curtain (white but not waffled), new towels (neither blue nor green), and some cute new art.

On the one wall are 2 little canvas that I got for something like 25 cents each from the clearance bin at Michael’s.  They were kind of obnoxious tea cup prints, bright red and pink (of course I forgot to take original pictures, oy!).  To fix them I hit them with primer first, then sprayed them white, brushed on some yellow stripes, and finally spelled out some bath related words with American Crafts Thickers:

On the other wall is a print that I found at the Hobby Lobby.  The prints were on sale and I wanted to buy this entire series, you’ll see why when you see the picture.  I restrained myself and only got 2.  One for the bath and one for the kitchen.  There were about 6 or 7 and it was really hard to hold back!  Are you ready for this?

Gah!  Boston Terrier!  It’s too cute!  It combines two of my favorite things: dogs and vintage style posters.  And obviously this one is perfect for the bath (it says “for special noses!” Ack!).  The colors are perfect too.

Shower curtains and towels are next.  I’m just going to jump right to the picture:

Gah, again!  I just love it so much!  Even now almost 2 months later it makes me just as excited and happy as day one.  Like I mentioned above I changed my mind on my original waffle curtain and blue or green towels.  I changed my mind on the shower curtain the moment I saw the white one with tree at triple B.  I love it, love it, loveit.  I also got some new curtain hooks, the old ones continually fell off the rod at the slightest shift of the curtain and drove me insane.  As for the towels, I had been trying to incorporate more orange into the rest of the house since it had previously only been in the office.  I also considered yellow, but once I saw this particular shade of orange I knew it was The Color that was Missing from My Life Bath.

Now that you’ve made it this far, I’ll go ahead and show the rest of the space with the standard disclaimer that this is a hard room to get pictures of with my basic camera, limited lighting*, and limited skillz:

This was the best shot I could get of the new light itself:

It is actually an outdoor light.  I had heard on some HGTV show a long time ago how well outdoor lighting can work in a bathroom since they’re no strangers to wet conditions.  It always stayed filed away in my brain.  It wasn’t until I was angry again about how little I liked the bath specific lighting fixtures that I finally remembered to check the outdoor section!  And this one was only 30 bucks!  Here’s a screen grab from Home Depot that shows the color of the fixture better:

You know how much I like the side-by-sides so here is a threefer:

The only thing left to do in here now is to change out the sink faucet.  It’s still powder coated white. Ugh.  But I’ve honestly managed to deal with this fairly well.  The faucets in my main bath are still this white too.  I haven’t found anything I love enough to drop the dough for 3 faucets on yet.  I’m still at the place where I would like all 3 bath faucets to match.  This could always change though, originally I wanted all my bath lighting to match too.  I also kind of hate the tissue box… Ha!  Of all things!  I did buy a box cover from the triple B but it turned out to be too big for that ledge so I had to return it.  Haven’t found anything smaller so if it continues to bother me that much I’ll probably have to make something myself.

That’s just about a wrap!  Just one more thing…

I’ve been saving this picture for the very last.  This final little surprise makes me feel immensely clever.  Check out the door on this shot:

Oh yes, that does indeed say WC!  Ah, I charm myself!


*I didn’t specifically mean that my new light isn’t bright enough.  It is a bit like mood lighting in there though, which is awesome for the extent that I use it.  If this bath were to ever be used more often my professional handyman said it would be easy enough to to install a recessed light over the shower and tie it into the same switch as the fan.