I’ve actually lost count of how many ideas I’ve gone through for my entry buffet. I think it started here, then here, and finally here. But not really finally there because there’s a whole other thought-of-and-now-abandoned possibility in there too! For posterity’s sake I’ll tell you about that before I go ahead and tell you the actual final plan.

I last left you with this image:

The next incarnation is actually along the same lines, but instead of the Odda shelves shown here (which I couldn’t actually find in store and never bothered to ask about) I would use the Expedit ones ($60 each). Specifcally 2 of these hung horizontally:

So something like this:

Yes, another horrifically not-to-scale rendering! For a better idea of what I was trying to accomplish see this inspiration picture that I found through Pinterest (unfortunately I don’t have the source link, so this is just a screen grab):

So pretty! I would just do the middle and the bottom one. But then I got to thinking about hanging the one on the wall. While it wouldn’t be that hard to get mounting brackets I just really didn’t feel like taking the final plunge and dealing with hanging it. I also wanted to put a lamp on the top one and wasn’t sure I felt like dealing with cord management. I thought about trying a different Expedit, like the 2 x 4 ($70) and put some feet on it. Got that idea from Pinterest too (also not sure about this source link):

I couldn’t quite commit to this either as I really wanted something longer.  I’ve actually had tape on that wall for at least 6 months visually spacing out the sizes of all my different choices. The pics are all on my cell phone so I’ll spare you from those! So finally, finally afer seeing a neat set up in the store I started browsing the IKEA Besta series. I went ahead and decided on this:

I can’t make the picture any bigger, but if you can read that miniscule type it’ll be 2.5 feet tall and almost 8 feet long! Huzzah! It will also be connected together fully so there won’t be that slight gap in the center. Also will probably have fewer feet. I made this with IKEA’s Besta system planner so it’s not quite exact, but close enough! The doors are the glossy brown ones that look like zebra wood. So stoked! And what is also great is that there are so many other accessories that I can mess with the door quantity/color/style/size and can add all sorts of drawers and other inserts should I ever want to! I figure I’ll start with this basic set up and live with it for awhile before playing with anything else. But the changeability is exciting!

I know what you’re thinking, “final? right…” but I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and just need to hit up the store to make my purchase! I did go to IKEA last weekend and they’re out of stock of a few of the Besta products. After some online investigating I think I’ve discovered that the colors I want should be there this weekend (might involve asking a sales representative). The buffet saga is almost closed! I still do plan to put that magnetic bar and some hanging containers on the wall above, but that’ll be for a future IKEA trip. The buffet itself is my main goal.


Hmm, I realize more and more each day that I apparently have a problem with commitment!