Where was I…

Here are a few projects that I’ve mentioned a few times but haven’t gotten around to posting!

Curly Frame

It started as this from IKEA:

The plan was to spray the frame, put some cute paper or fabric inside, then write on the glass like a dry erase board. Unfortunately, when I took the glass out to start spraying the frame I broke the glass. I happened to be wearing my Optimism Goggles so I decided to go ahead and spray the frame part anyway and make it a chalk board instead! Inspired!

I primed the frame. Then, I started to spray it. It was rather disastrous. Spray painting is hard. I was either too close and got drips or too far away and got fuzz. My optimism goggles were quickly fogging. Thanks to some sandpaper and more paint than it should I have taken I managed to get it presentable enough. Then came the inside. UGH. I used some glossy foam core thinking it would make a nice chalkboard surface, but for some reason I decided to get the spray chalkboard paint. Did I mention spray painting is hard? Spray painting is hard. Flat surfaces much moreso than curvy ones. By this point my Op.Gog.s were broken in the pile with the frame glass.

I managed to make it work enough to get it on the wall, write something on it, and ignore it for awhile. It *looks* okay but it’s not very functional. I can write on it, but if I want to erase it I have to actually use a wet rag (which also takes the paint off). If I can vow to write something and never change it, it will be awesome! But that’s hardly the point of it. Needless to say I made the message “On a Scale of 1-10, you are an 11” and kept it there for a long time anyway. I thought the project-rage had finally worn off so I decided to change the note for Christmas (to “fa la la la la la la la la”)… rage all over again! Now that Christmas is over there is a new message, “Fix me! Puh-lease?”

The plan is to get the brush on chalkboard paint instead and try that over the existing. I’m already expecting that to be miserable and am thinking of other materials to use for the base. Maybe something metal that I can also stick magnets to? The annoying part is going to be cutting that material into an oval. So my little $30 frame quickly turned into a much more expensive project that still isn’t exactly done. I will now only spray things that are free or nearly free until I can actually successfully do it. Sigh. Anyway, that was a lot of words just to show you this:

Decal Art

There was a big sale on canvas at the craft store so I picked up two 2-packs. So there I was with 4 blank canvas and no ideas what to do with them… Then, I found some cool feather decals! Went to put one on one of the canvases and the decal folded in on itself and wouldn’t unstick. Bummer. Tried the second (and final) and it did the same thing. They were just way too intricate and super sticky. Not to be brought down (those Optimism Goggles had been reparo’d and were crystal clear with possibility!) I found a different type of decal that looked to be much less unwieldy. Ha! Alas, this set didn’t even stick! Fell right off! Oh and did I mention that I spray painted the flat surfaces? That lesson ended up finally sinking in. After having them sit around sprayed yet otherwise blank for quite some time I finally decided to use some cool pattern stencils. Success! 3 are now hanging nicely in my hallway, see:

The middle one is actually a different pattern as well as color. Here’s a close up:

I’m glad I finally posted these because I’m already ready to change them! Well, full disclosure they’ve been up for a couple months. But still, ready to change them. I have an idea that I hope works out… It involves purple, gray, and hopefully free handing an awesome silhouette. Fingers crossed it works out!

The fourth canvas is just painted in a few random stripes and one pattern and is hanging in the living room. I’m not terribly fond of it at all, so we’ll see if my revamp of the hall set gets me inspired to change that one too. Here it is:


TP Art

People on Pinterest were doing amazing things with cut up toilet paper tubes. This is the specific one that sparked my interest:

Clicking on the picture will take you to this gal’s blog with her tutorial. I decided to make mine in a swoop and mounted it on canvas. I sprayed it glossy purple (after first trying to brush two colors… and yes spraying was hard but it worked fine in the end). It is now hanging over my love seat in the living room. Here you go:


Little Somethin’ Extra

I don’t think I specifically mentioned this one at all but it makes me happy. With some of the extra blue canvas paint, I striped up the M that was sitting on my dresser:


I’m off work for the next week with some projects planned! I’ll hopefully use the time to do some posting as well!