Just daydreaming here. I’ve been having a bad case of the wantsies lately. So, for fun, I thought I’d share a few of things I’ve been crushing on over at West Elm.

This Stackable Chair would look awesome in my kitchen:

At $99 each they aren’t that terribly expensive compared to everything else I’ve seen. They had been on sale for a bit, to about $80 each, but I reminded myself that it wasn’t the last sale they’d ever have and I didn’t impulse buy them. I went to look them up a few days ago and there was an ugly note saying “no longer available.” I was stunned! I was getting ready to write an “Always Impulse Buy” post! Just today I looked again and now they’re there, just back ordered. Phew! But I’ve actually already gone and purchased a different set of chairs for the kitchen so these will have to wait again. The set I got is a 4-fer but I’d like to eventually have 6 chairs for the kitchen with the other 2 being a different set to the first 4 (maybe 2 of these!). So, maybe one day!

I briefly mentioned in my last living room post (here) that I was eye-ballin’ some pillow covers for my couch pillows. They were these Sculpted Origami Pillow Covers:

The gray one seems to be the only one left right now. It’s on sale for $25, but I don’t feel like spending the $50 to get 2. We’ll see how long it is before I’m writing that “always impulse buy” post about these!

I think I want this Cluster Glass Pendant for over my kitchen table:

I’m currently working on some kitchen nook updates so I might see about getting this! Or at least making an official lighting decision and then saving up a little more or waiting for a sale.

This last one makes me swoon. I would love to put this in the little area of my living room that I want to turn into a seating/reading area. Not that this would necessarily be hugely functional for reading… but it’s sooooo pretty! Right now I just have basic track lighting there.

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant

It’s actually on sale, but I’m not ready to spend $260 on an area who’s design has been changing in my head on a near daily basis. Sad. It’s soooo pretty!


That was so nice of me to give West Elm some free advertising! Can’t help a daydreamer. The pictures are all links to the product pages.