After countless ruminations, it is finally decided, purchased, assembled, and in place. At long last: The Buffet!!! You can relive my last reliving here which also contains links to prior relivings.

Let me take you through a few quick shots of what has been in this space before:

A desk while I was redoing my office. It lived here for awhile until I finally relocated it to the garage. Eventually it will be donated, just haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Speaking of donations… those have lived in my hallway too:

Finally, the stereo cabinet until he was relocated to the other side of the living room:

I’m pretty excited for the final buffet reveal. My last post had a basic rendering, but it just really doesn’t do the real thing any justice. Before I get going on the final pictures I’ll show you the space empty from 3 angles (because I can!).

First direction, standing in the living room, facing the front door:

You’ll notice the tape… there have actually been about 8 or so different layouts of tape on this wall for the past 6 or so months, these bits just happen to be the last (with 2 length options)

Second direction, standing in the doorway, facing the living room:

Final direction, standing in the kitchen facing the buffet wall and door to the garage:

Without further ado, the time has come to show those same three angles, but WITH the buffet! I can hardly contain my excitement!


Oh would you look at that? So perfect. I knew I wanted something that was long!


Ah! So amazing!

And a’three:

Okay fine this is a bit more of a kitchen shot, but I didn’t feel like going back yet again to take another to get a closer angle match. You get the idea! And you get to see my Terrier art again, lucky you!

Right now it is completely empty. I’ll probably put my records in it. I also know I want to put a lamp and an electronic device charging station (which thanks to ThinkGeek I’ll have an awesome one shortly) on top. Other than that I haven’t thought harder than “decor stuff/tchotchkes.” I also definitely want to put stuff on that wall too. Probably still some type of bar/towel rod with hanging things as well as some variety of art or something. It’ll be nice to start some serious thinking about the decor. It had been constantly changing for so long that I didn’t want to commit to anything specific, but now I can!

Also I have to say, even though I don’t necessarily need all this storage space I’m really glad I have it and that I didn’t go for something with less. I’m also pretty excited that I can add other doors and drawers in the future if I really wanna.

I’ll end today on 2 closer-up details.


You can see my reflection and everything! They have that amazingly awesome zebra wood look to them.

Second: You may have noticed by now that the feet are purple. I bought the silver ones, but didn’t like that they were two-toned (the rubber base was more of a gray, while the post part was silver). I debated spraying them and decided to go crazy and try the purple since that was the only color spray paint I had on hand (kind of a theme for me). I like them better than the silver, but not sure I’m sold 100%. Of course changing them will require actually making a color decision and then a purchase. So they’ll probably just stay purple awhile since I’m lazy. Oh, here’s the before and after leg picture:

Hooray! I can’t wait till I can come back with buffet decor updates! So excited!