I mentioned a long time ago (here) that I wanted to put stripes in my hall. I finally got to the project in January! Let’s start with a reminder of what was going on pre-stripe:


I started by measuring out my stripes and putting up some string as guides. It was probably more work than necessary, but seemed to be at least slightly more useful than going directly to taping. Here are the string-a-lings:

After taping:

I read a few suggestions to avoid paint bleed beneath the tape. I decided to try the Mod Podge method, except I used watered down white glue instead. It ended up flopping big time. By the time I glued, then painted, then removed tape the glue had dried and was peeling off with the tape! Worse lines than just bleed through! After the first big chunk came off I started cutting along the tape with a craft knife to hopefully cut through the glue and get better lines. It helped! It’s entirely possible that this was user error. I’m thinking my glue application was overzealous or otherwise flawed. Regardless, the big lesson was that next time I feel up to stripes I will follow this method instead:

  1. Start with Green Frog Tape (my allegiance changed, it really makes a huge difference over the blue!)
  2. Seal with the base/original paint color
  3. Top with new accent color
  4. Remove tape and marvel at the crispness

Before I go with the big reveal I want to mention that I changed up the art too. It’s probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done. I freehand drew and painted it! Ready? Another quick mention that the stripes are the same color, just glossier, so they are very subtle, but you can see them in this pic if you look closely:

Okay well they’re really hard to see… maybe this shot from the other direction will help. Forgive the floor and the downward shot – it’s how the stripes hit the light best!

That’s better! I love my hall now. I especially love my white and purple dachshund silhouette triptych! I thought I had some pictures of the process of making him but I sure can’t find any. I started by making scrap paper templates of the canvases. Then I found some good side shots of dachshunds on google and started sketching out an outline. I cut out the outline so I had a solid dog. Arranged the cutouts on the canvas. Traced the cutouts with pencil and then filled in with paint! Easy peasy!