I inherited my Nook Shaped™ table from a family friend (more here). Since it was free-to-me I wasn’t too apprehensive about trying to spruce it up with a new paint job. My first color thoughts were “obviously, black or white.” Thinking about crisp and clean I first picked white. I even picked up a sample tub of paint. At that point it was just a matter of getting the final supplies and getting started. Then the daydreams started. If I was going to do this, why not take a risk and try something dark, but not black?! It would be bold, fun, and unexpected. Navy was my first thought and I was pretty sold on it until I realized that blue isn’t a risky color family for me. Practically everything is blue! Enter: Purple! It’s the new yellow*. As the title of this post suggests purple ended up winning. Specifically Purple Elderberry by Martha and matched to Glidden.

This project took place back in January while the weather was nice. I needed to do all the painting in the garage and didn’t feel up to dying of heat stroke! While I wasn’t worried about ruining the table persay, I still had a little bit of apprehension that this was going to end up being a ruinous nightmare. So I took a few deep breaths and then powered on with the sander!

I borrowed a power sander which was a huge help. I did a first pass with coarse and then followed up with a finer grit. While I think my sanding job ended up being perfectly acceptable I think next time I would start with a coarser coarse (lesson 1).

After a good wipe down to remove any remaining sanding dust I started learning lesson 2. Primer stage. Next time – TINTED primer. As I bought my bright white primer I did figure I’d be a lot happier if I asked for them to tint it… but I didn’t feel like waiting… Here’s a progress shot after the first coat of primer:

The poor primer choice will be more evident in this next picture after I did a coat of purple:

It ended up taking at least 3 coats to get solid coverage. I rolled both the primer and the paint on with a small foam roller. Lesson 3 involved putting more paint on the roller. I’ve always heard you want thin and even to make sure you’re not glopping paint on. Well apparently my thin and even is way too thin and even. I kept getting roller marks in the paint finish. Consulting the local hardware store they recommended putting more paint on the roller. Apparently my version of glopping is actually more akin to the real life version of thin and even.

Once I finally got the table perfectly purple I debated leaving it as it was. After struggling with the paint rolling I couldn’t imagine the glossy top coat would be any easier! If it weren’t a kitchen table I probably wouldn’t have poly coated it. Since I knew it was a piece that would get a lot of use I took a few more deep breaths and I started brushing on the poly…

Brush marks! I tried a brand new paint brush, a foam brush, and the foam roller. The paint brush was the best but did still leave brush marks. Sigh. However, they are long, even, and consistent so I’ve learned to be fine with them. This is probably lesson 4, but I don’t know how to go about fixing it. One day I may do more research on poly products and application methods. Especially since everything I set on the table sticks and leaves little marks. Oy. I even waited several weeks after the last poly coat before setting anything on it! Anyway, it works for now.

Before I do the final reveal I have a silly story (lesson 5) and want to talk chairs!

Silly Story: I was in a hurry to bring the table in from the garage after my last coat of poly. It had only been hours rather than days but it was dry to the touch so I decided to be careful and risk it anyway. I had to push the table back together to get it through the door. It made it back in to the nook without incident! Lesson 5 came the next day when I realized that I hadn’t pulled the table back apart to finish drying. Yeah… it ended up being glued together… I had to get my box cutters out to cut through the fused poly bits and then pry it apart! No major damage though. A spot or two I should eventually touch up, but since it’s been 5 months I’m clearly in no hurry.

Let’s talk chairs! I’ve been thinking about getting different pairs of chairs to replace the outdated rollers. I was thinking about a few from IKEA and West Elm. Then I ended up finding a sweet deal on a set of 4 from overstock. They are the Silver Tabouret Stacking Chairs:

They are still available here. I love when I get an extra good deal, I got them for 185 but they have since gone up twenty bucks. Score! I still figure that I’ll eventually get some other set of 2 to mix and match. With the leaf the table will seat 6. I still love all the chairs I’ve posed as options on here previously, but I’d like to include these from IKEA too:

Currently $79.99 each.

Okay you’ve waited long enough. Final reveal!

And close up!

Ooooh! Aaaah!

But wait! As if this post weren’t already long enough there’s more! A new light fixture and some art has since joined the party and now rounds out the nook to finished status.

The light is the Ottava pendant from IKEA ($30):

The art is just prints from IKEA. The Tvilling “poetry of blossoms” set:

Preeeetttyyy! One day I may swap them out for silly stuff I make (like something that says “Eat Cake For Breakfast”), but these are brilliant for now.

Speaking of “one day” the nook is really only finished until I decide to fix the table’s flaws or replace it. I fully plan to live with this table for several years to come. But should I ever take the replacement option I might do something beefy like this:

The Sumner pedestal table from Pottery Barn! It can be yours for the low, low price of $1,500… yowza…


*Purple really is my new yellow. It took me awhile to formally mention that I was all hopped up on doing gray & yellow in my master (here), but you’ll also note in that same post I said, “I may actually allow other colors into my scheme going forward now that gray & yellow is exploding on the internet and is everywhere I turn, gotta keep it ‘my own’!” Well, yellow is now dead to me. It’s everywhere and it irks me such that I basically hate it now. Sure I’m partially just annoyed that it’s not my own bandwagon anymore, but yellow really was a fad color for me. Purple and I have a history – my childhood bedroom was purple and I have a history of purple bedding and towels. Not sure why it took so long to get more purple going in my house, but there you have it.