I already know the answer is, “Yes.  Yes.  A thousand times, yes.”  But for this post I specifically want to know if I’m crazy for liking this:

This is the Odda wall cabinet with sliding door from IKEA.  The picture is a link to the IKEA page.  It is 80 bucks.  It is white and red with plexi-type looking sliding doors.  It is also 77.5 inches wide/long.  I’m wondering… what if I did 1 or 2 of these on my entry wall instead of my previously decided buffet (relive that quest here)?

“Whaaa?” you ask, in the tone you reserve for unhinged people. “It’s red, white, and plexi??  What about your beloved glossy gray??”

I.  Know.

First, I don’t actually have an issue with the white.  Second, I really would need to see this in person before I made any life changing decisions such as giving up my mother-lovin’ glossy gray, but I anticipate that I could cover the red with any such color or pattern of my choosing thanks to the wonders of either paint or scrapbook paper.  Third, I would need to see the plexi business in person as well.

“Meg?” again with that tone. “Where is this coming from??”

IKEA raised the price of my desk!  RAISED!  They raised it!  My beautiful glossy gray Besta Burs desk is now twenty whole smackaroos more than it was a few months ago. $250 up to $270.  The audacity!  The horror!  I’m really not so poor that an extra $20 is going to break the bank, but I can’t help but feel betrayed.  The betrayal has gotten me eyeballing other potential options.  The Odda is hitting the plus category right now by being 7 inches longer/wider than the BB and also being quite a bit cheaper (even if I got 2).  Let me do a John Dorian here and paint you a picture with my imagination brush.  Maybe instead of this:

I throw together something like this:

Obviously my Photoshop skillz are shameful, but I see potential.  On the monetary end of things, the first set up is a pre-tax $407.91.  The second is only $298.89!  Talk about savings!  That’s a whole 109.02 I can throw at new kitchen chairs and whatnot!  But of course that price difference could very easily translate to obvious quality differences.  So really, what this all means is that I need a reconnaissance trip to IKEA to find the Odda so I can examine it in person and make some decisions.

I’ve also been considering ditching the mirror for art.  But that’s beside the point here and still several decisions away.


I would so call this my Ood instead of Odda.  I love an Ood!


I have to first admit that my front bath is done (eee!).  I have to secondly admit that it has been done for about a week or two and I still haven’t done pictures…  But I have a whole 4-day weekend ahead of me to take some!  I’m also bursting with projects to finish.  Since I never formally shared what I’ve started, here is a probably confusing rundown of what I’ll be finishing and hopefully posting about this weekend:

-Painting kitchen

-Curly frame interior

-TP art

-Decal art

-Hallway stripe-ity stripes

So here’s hoping for a super productive weekend not plagued by laziness!  Other than the front bath I think the only other thing I’m behind on sharing is my living room.  It is perhaps just a matter of new curtains and a tchotchke or two, but I’ll have to go back through the archives here and double check.

Happy weekending!

A whole lot of painting went on today!  I had just enough paint for it too!  I used up the last of my master bath paint and FINALLY (after over a year) fixed all the light spots!  Woo!  Well, hopefully all the light spots.   I’m sure I’ll inevitably find another somewhere.  If I do I’ll just save it/them until I replace the lights in there.  I’m sure I’ll need touch up paint for that project, so I’ll buy a little more paint when that time comes.

I also finished phase 1 of the hallway!  Hooray!  It is fully painted.  I call it phase 1 because I’ve decided I need stripes in the hall.  Just on the one side and they’re going to be super subtle and shiny.  This shiny stripe idea has been a gateway to suddenly being ready to do something to my front bath…

It all started harmlessly as “whatever color I pick for the stripes I should just get a gallon and paint the front bath.”  So I vacillated through some color swatches and finally decided to just do the same natural linen that is everywhere else.  But since it’s the bath I would opt for semi gloss over eggshell which would result in the awesome subtle shiny stripe idea.  Then it turned into “well if I’m going to paint the bath I may as well hurry up and replace that light in there since I should have done that when I first moved it (it has bulb blowing problems).  Hmm, and while I’m at it I should just take that mirror down too so I won’t have to re-paint that area in the future. ”  And now suddenly I know what light fixture I want in there.  I know I want shelves and a smaller framed mirror.  I also want a white shower curtain (probably waffle texture) and light blue (or maybe light green depending on the store options) towels.  PHEW!  The only thing I’m not in a rush to take care of is the faucet.

So while I’m ready to do it all RIGHT NOW, I’m not sure how quick I’ll really get through it.  I have a feeling that taping out the stripes is going to take much longer than I want.  So maybe I’ll start in the bath first.  At least take that mirror down.  Hmm.

Pics whenever I’m done!

The title of this post is a little admonishment to myself to get the lead out and finish some painting tasks.  Firstly, my bathroom has needed some touch ups for months!  Since it was first painted actually (which I now realize was over a year ago).  I didn’t realize how many spots I had missed until living in the room for awhile. I wondered if I could just live with it (since my natural inclination is to be lazy) but have finally decided to do the thing right (albeit late) and get another coat up.  I’m also tired of the ladder hanging out in my hallway!  I left it there after finishing my master bedroom paint job, but have yet to put it away since I didn’t want to move it again if I decided to do my bathroom.  Since the bath is the last room I’d ever need it for it’s time to just get going and be able to be permanently done with it!

Secondly, my hallway has also been left half finished for an embarrassing amount of time.


Hopefully I have enough of each paint left to get the jobs done!  –OR– Hopefully I’ll have no issue getting myself out to the home improvement store to buy more if I run out!

A whole lot of painting needs to go on this weekend!  Of course right now, being Monday, I’m fully charged and ready to get going.  We’ll see how I feel come the weekend!  That’s part of why I’m writing this.  If I put it out into The Universe I’ll (hopefully) feel more accountable.

I recently replaced a trio of ceiling fans (trifancta?).  My house did come with mostly acceptable fans in all the important places.  However, my office was completely fan-less.  It did have a hookup, so at least it would be super easy to remedy.  I lived through the winter just fine without one, but once it started heating up again the fan quickly jumped to a higher priority.


And presto:

I love that it has a jet engine-y kind of look to it.  And yeah yeah the light kit is a boob light, but I actually prefer the boob light kits to the separate spots.  Even though they are susceptible to becoming dead bug repositories, I like the softer/glowier light they give.

The next fan priority was my living room.  The fan that was in there worked just fine, but it was ugly.  Not the hugest deal, but since I spend a lot of time in the living room I was ready to replace that sucker.



Not sure if you can tell from these pictures, but the original fan was hung a bit too low so I made sure to get a shorter bar for the new guy.

Last, but most certainly not least, I decided to upgrade my master fan.  The original fan was actually the nicest fan that I inhereited.


I fell in love at first sight with a fan at the Home Depot and decided to go ahead and upgrade to the fancier fan.  I opted for no light kit on this one, although it can be outfitted with one later if I change my mind.


This one has a bit of an aviationy feel to it to me too and I absolutely love it.

As far as the fan status in the rest of the house, there is one more I need to replace in the front bedroom.   Right now the one that’s in there is missing half its blades*, but since it’s my storage room I’m hardly ever in there.  When it starts transitioning into a real guest room I’ll go ahead and make that replacement (are the guests real or is the guest room real?).

There is a fan over my kitchen table that I’ll eventually replace with just a light fixture of some sort.  Something about a fan over the table kind of skeeves me out.

Finally, there was also a fan on my back patio that I had taken down.  I doubt I’ll ever put a new one out there, but I’ll keep the hookup should I ever change my mind.


*Dad once joked that this fan only cools half the room.  I found this highly amusing and it continues to be my favorite joke.

You’ve seen the little things.  You’ve seen the paint.  Now lets see the rest of it!


I got my curtain panels from Le Target.  The two little windows flanking the bed (you saw a preview here) got a subtle gray pattern that reads solid from far away:

I didn’t have a definite idea going in that the side window should or should not match the two lil guys.  After browsing the options in the store, playing around with various combos, and (no surprise) taking far too long in the process I opted for some stripes for the larger side window:

The best picture I have of the two little windows in action is still this shot:

Now for wall number two!

They look fantastic open as well, but since I’m am neither a photographer nor in possession of major Photoshop skillz I haven’t been able to capture any photographic evidence.  But trust me, they’re bueno.


For wall number three (the dresser wall), I made my own art!  I got a good size canvas on sale from the Hobby Lobby for about $17 and change.  Then I made my own chevron (zigzag pattern) stencil with help from a pattern on the internet.  Using a leftover Glidden tester (I’m aware this is probably artistic sacrilege.  House paint on a canvas?  Egads!  But I already had it and I sure don’t claim to be an artist) I went to town making my art.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!  Of course, I still debate whether I should have made the chevrons a little taller & skinner, but that’s just how I roll.  Here it is:

The wall is pretty giant, so I’m sure I’ll add more stuff to it eventually (I’ve got some ideas for behind the door as well).  But for now this is totally working for me.

My original plan for the dresser wall was going to be three giant IKEA frames, but after taping up templates I decided I didn’t like the scale of it.  Before scrapping the idea entirely I tested out how I liked them on wall number four instead.  Much better, so I swapped my concepts.  I got three of the 20.5 x 20.5 Ribba shadowbox frames with the intent to Photoshop some silly posters of some sort (a la this and this).  I put random scrapbook paper as temporary filler so I could hang them up.  I love the random scrapbook paper so much though that I’ll likely just leave them as is for awhile!

Here’s the wide shot:

Pardon the glare, here are the closeups.  Wood planks, Pebbles, and Corrugated something or other:

You may have noticed the gold Z’s hanging out on top of the frames in the wide shot.  I have a 3rd hanging out on the frame on my dresser (you can see it in the chevron picture).  I’m still pondering where I want these guys.  I would like all three together (you know Zzz…) but haven’t quite found the right spot yet.


There was a superglue incident with the Zs.  I taped them up at one point to test different locations and one kept falling.  Eventually it broke.  Enter the superglue!   Though I’m sure it will disappoint you to hear that I didn’t get stuck to anything or to myself.  Just had dried globs of glue left on my hands.  Turns out acetone is superglue’s worst enemy!  Came off right quick.  Log that solution away for the future!

I previously mentioned that I’m a crazy person when picking paint.  Too dark, too light, then I take forever to make a decision.  I did at least know that I wanted gray in the master.  I was originally considering 2 shades: a dark accent wall with the other 3 walls being lighter.  It was slow going making a decision.  I would like either the dark or the light shade of the pairs I’d picked, but never both.  I also ran into an issue with all my cool grays looking blue!  I really wanted cool gray, but would not accept the blue.  So I broke down to try warm gray.  Wouldn’tcha know the warm gray looked appropriately gray!  But I was still only liking one of the shades .  So then I had this crazy idea to make all 4 walls the same color!  Imagine that!  I picked the darker of my two warm grays.  Of course I was a little worried that it would end up being too dark, but I kept reminding myself to just take the chance because I was convinced it would lead to a very soothing result either way.

Final paint color: Glidden Wood Smoke

This is another good time to mention how different paint looks in the light of your room versus the chip in the store.  In the store I really thought this was a very brown color, but in my room it almost looks like cool gray!  Will never cease to amaze me.

I also decided to take down the iffy chair rail.  I liked the idea of the chair rail, but the execution was pretty poor.  (‘Member this part?)  Tearing it down was so satisfying!  Though it did give me a flashback to the original color scheme of the room (shudder).  See:

I swear I didn’t club anyone with that rail piece!  The rail was originally red so I assume they just got paint all over the back of the rail as well… I chose not to think too much about it…

Removing the rail also revealed another color in the history of the room.  If you check close up you can see 2 different tan colors.

To think that at one time the room may have all been a solid tan color!  So imagine my surprise, when removing the outlet covers I found another color!

Blue!  It was pretty!  A kind of dusty blue in person.  Not sure I would have liked it on all 4 walls, but was definitely more my taste than the red/tan combo.  All of that is really moot though as the bank thankfully neutralized everything pre-move-in, so I started with a clean slate.

Hold on to your hats, I’m about to lay the before/after picture journey on ya!  I’m going to throw a few decor transition shots in too because I want to.




Love eeet!  You’re also getting a sneak peak at the curtains too!  How very exciting.  Ahh, I love a good transition.


Must be getting early, the clocks are running late…  Okay, so this is more than a touch of gray.  But I like the song and want to act hip and include it!  Humor me!


Whoa!  I was just informed by WordPress that this is my 50th (!) post!  Huzzah!  I feel like I should have prepared something for this honor… dang… Maybe for the 100th.  And hopefully I keep the updates coming more regularly and it’s not another year until I hit 100!

My master bedroom has been going through some wonderful changes.  Both recently and a long time ago…  Heh.  Needless to say, at this point I’ve got so many things to update you on that I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit them all in one post!  Lets dedicate this post to the little changes.

First, a trip to Homegoods led to the discovery of the most perfect sparkly thing to put over my bed and two perfect gray pillows for my bed.

The pillow coloring isn’t quite true-to-life here, they’re actually a lovely satiny gray.  You’ll see them again a little further down.  Here’s a close up of the stunning sparkler:

Second, a trip to IKEA and Kohl’s resulted in some new decor items.  I relocated the lil 79 cent vases from my dresser (first sort of seen here in the final shot) to my office (next to my GOBH).  I replaced them with:

My first yellow!  (Though, now that I’m thinking on it I don’t believe I ever formally mentioned that I’ve been planning to pair yellow with my gray…)

I also have decided to jump on the letter bandwagon and got a great M.

I dig it as is, but one day it may end up on the wall like my &.

Third, while we’re talking about yellow accents, my mom found the most perfect pillow for my bed!  I had a very specific idea of a small, textured, non-girly pillow to go with my 2 shiny gray ones.  I desperately wanted it to be yellow.  Turns out that even though gray & yellow is exploding on the internet yellow accents are near impossible to find in stores right now.  That is until mom went shopping at World Market.  She found this perfect specimen:

Fourth, while we’re on the topic of pillows, new blue pillow cases!  I have blue sheets right now that I really love.  I’ve had them for quite some time.  Somehow the matching pillow cases got mildly bleached.  Pretty sad.  But not as sad as my green pillow cases that were even more bleached… eesh… I’ve also been planning to retire my green sheet set in my transition to gray & yellow.  I wasn’t in the market for a full new sheet set, so I decided just to update my pillowcases for the time being.  Naturally, my first choices were gray and/or yellow.  But, I was open to keeping some blue in the mix because of my existing sheets.  (I may actually allow other colors into my scheme going forward now that gray & yellow is exploding on the internet and is everywhere I turn, gotta keep it ‘my own’!).  I found some perfect cases at the JCP.  I got two different patterns and love them together!  One is paisley and the other are striped and they match my current sheets so well it’s almost as though they were made for each other.  No action shots of these as I can’t seem to get decent enough lighting.  But here are some grabs from the JCP site.

I’m normally not huge on paisley, but these are so subtle and beautiful that I couldn’t help but love them.  I’m even considering going back for the sheets! And actually looking at them all now I’d be more than happy with a full set of each color…

It’s funny, I bought these thinking I’d like the stripes more and yet my favor is mildly more toward the paisley!  It’s amazing how that happens sometimes.

ANYWAY… that was entirely too much time spent on pillowcases and sheets…

Fifth, a trip to my parent’s house resulted in my stealing requesting to take custody of a stoneware critter that has lived in both their and my aunt’s house.

Moo!  He fits perfectly on my bedside table.  Love heeem!

Sixth, my other bedside table got a homemade framed art print:

It says “The inner sanctum of the ENTIRE operation?!” and if you know what movie that’s from you get ten points.  The font is gray along with some gray accents to go with the yellow and blue.  I bought the frame thinking I might spray it another color, but now I like the idea of gold being some of my yellow!  Lovely.  I made this one at the same time as my office arts.

Seventh, and finally, new bedside lamps!

I love lamp.  Such a lovely twist to it.  I did get two and they flank the bed in a most lovely fashion.  I picked these with the original intent to spray them glossy yellow, but once I put them in my room I really loved them black!  So I’ll leave them for now and should the urge come around I’ll spray them later.

As you likely guessed, for a few of these pictures I moved the items a bit.  I missed getting in-progress pictures of them and if I take shots of them in their final resting places I’ll spoil the surprise of my next Master: Update post!  We can’t have that!



I’m not much of a thirfter (definition of thrifting can be found here at the tangent).  I don’t have much luck with it.  I also don’t try very hard either–I’m impatient.  I happened to be hanging with the SIL in Downtown Mesa when we came across a giant antique store.  We decided to continue our delightful downtown day by taking a browse.  We walked in.

“What is that delightful sound?”

*head zips directly to source of said sound*

“Oh my, I need that!”

It was this:

Sixties era console stereo!!!  Ahhhh!!!!

**Let me take this moment to clarify that I don’t consider this piece to BE an antique.  I just happened to find it at an antique store.**

Instant love at first sight.  Checked the price–holy crapoly it was cheaper than most every piece of furniture I’ve seen in the same size.  Mine!

Fully working, great sound, record player on the left, radio on the right, beautiful wood cabinet–forget ‘outdated apparent p.o.j.’ there are no changes needed for this to be my marvel!

My next thought was: “this would be an amazing buffet.”  I checked myself by thinking of where else I would put it in case it didn’t fit in my entry.  I immediately came up with 2 additional and equally fantab locations.  Sold!

Though, in the interest of full disclosure, we actually kept browsing and left the store before I decided to buy it.  Left the store!!  I know!  I was going to think on it then come back the next day if I decided I really wanted it.  We ducked into a cute little cafe for some lattes and I finally realized I must be feverish.  Despite the love at first sight and instant knowledge that I couldn’t live without it, I should have known when I shot daggers at the other antique store patrons who even so much as glanced at my stereo.  What if someone else bought it?!  We went back right away and made the purchase.  At the encouragement of my SIL I even haggled for it!  Not super ballsy haggling, but haggling none-the-less, and was successful!

SIL and I worked our beefy muscles and got the thing love to my house all by ourselves.  Turns out it didn’t really work so hot as a buffet.  It wasn’t quite long enough and stuck out a bit too far.  Not bad, but not perfect either.

Next location attempt: under the shelves further in the living room.  Verdict: perfection!  Well, there is the small problem that when I’m sitting on the couch it is behind me and I can’t stare/get lost in its beauty.  My other location idea was under the cutout on the wall to the kitchen.  I might move it there eventually, but this works for now.  I’ll have to get a better full wall shot sometime, but for now I’ll leave you with this instagram jewel:

Cue the floaty, poppy, heart bubbles sound effects!


I haven’t been able to bring myself to change the radio station off of smooth jazz yet…  It wants to be smooth jazz!

My entry way is pretty barren.  Pretty big as well.  Big enough that I can put some sort of piece of furniture in it!  I’m all in a tizzy about finding a buffet.  It all started with this one:

IKEA Stornas, Black Brown option, $449

I love it.  I love the tiny drawers top center (“you can almost smell the opium!”).  I hadn’t even considered getting a buffet until I saw this one and decided my entry way needed one.  However, the price is rather dismaying.  Sure it’s infinitely cheaper than somewhere like Pottery Barn, but I’m very cheap.

I was close to making the decision to buy it (because, c’mon!) when I decided that maybe I just needed a buffet and not necessarily this buffet.  So I thought I should suck up some gumption and try to thrift something.  If I ended up being unsuccessful I’d be free and clear to spend the money on my Stornas.



Thrift: To find a second hand apparent piece of outdated junk for an insanely low dollar amount with the intent to make easy, do-it-yourself changes to turn the diamond-in-the rough piece into a magical, one-of-a-kind marvel  for your home.  Oh, and then brag about it on the internet.

I’ve made a few trips to second hand stores but have only found zilch, actual junk, or things I could get for the same price and better condition elsewhere.  I partly wonder if maybe I don’t have “the eye” to look past the junk to the marvel within.  But mostly I assume it’s just my impatience.  I am unwilling to put forth the shopping effort to make continual trips to the stores to check on the constant flux of merchandise.

End tangent


I did nearly have luck at thrifting a buffet!  More about that wondrousness here.  But in the end I have turned back to my stalwart IKEA.  I also happened to find this:

IKEA Trollsta, $349

A hundred dollars cheaper and the curvaceous bottom totally works for me (and how!).  I went to my local IKEA to view it in person and discovered it was adorned with the beautiful last chance ticket!  Generally last chance items are on sale… unfortunately, this one wasn’t.  After talking with my local IKEA representative I discovered that it is basically at zero risk of selling out quickly and is a good candidate to play the sale price waiting game.  So, that is what I am doing.  Especially because I have since learned that the non-hardware doors and drawers can become a pain.  They are push-to-open and I heard from a Trollsta product owner that if you don’t push them in precisely the correct spot each time the doors & drawers can become wonky.  While I know that probably really wouldn’t be a huge issue for me, I also really wouldn’t mind something more idiot proof.  And as I was walking the lower level of my local IKEA I happened to come across this:

IKEA Besta Burs $249

ANOTHER hundred dollars cheaper!  And even though you can’t tell in that picture, it is so shiny!  Can my house handle something this modern?  Uh, it’s going to now!  This one only has 2 desk-ish drawers so it doesn’t have as much storage as the other two.  However, it’s big enough, shiny enough, and is totally going to be my gateway to adding other modern touches throughout my house.  I actually really don’t need storage space, all I really need is some surface space to put some pictures/tchotchkes.  Anyway, down the road should I need storage space I can always put some sort of storage container(s)/cube(s)/basket(s) underneath.  Plus, and here’s the kicker, it comes in GRAY!  Glossy Gray!  Check it:

Oooooooo.  So down.  Now I just need to buy it.

I’m envisioning something like this (“please forgive the crudity of this model, it is not to scale”):

With flowers and other such things in the hanging pots.  So in love.  That center bar is a magnetic knife strip on which I plan to magnet pictures and little notes/drawings or other such items.


Products needed to make visual a reality:

– Hemnes mirror (79.99)

– 2 Asker suspension rails (7.99 ea)

– 1 set of Asker hooks (3.99)

– 4 Asker containers (5.99 ea)

– 1 Asker magnetic knife strip (14.99)

– Besta Burs desk (249)

All for a grand total of: 61.09 LESS than the Stornas buffet by itself.  Holla.  Not sure how quickly I’ll be able to acquire everything, but you know there will be pictures 4 months later eventually!


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